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General Information

Welcome to Gaston County Schools Family Dashboard for Student Enrollment, Assignment, Magnet Schools, and Programs.  

All requests will be checked for accuracy. Any falsification of information may result in your request not being processed and/or denied.  

*Please also note that this website is optimized for IE 10.0 and higher, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


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Information for Open Enrollment Applications, Magnet Schools, and Choice Programs:

This is an official application. The information contained on this online application should be considered private. 


  1. Transportation is NOT provided with the approval of a student reassignment, magnet, and/or program discretionary admission.
  2. A student reassignment may be revoked for excessive absences or tardies, persistent inappropriate behavior, or if it is determined the reassignment was granted or renewed based on false information submitted by the parent.
  3. There is NO guarantee of approval.  From time to time some schools are "closed" to new students or discretionary admissions for capacity reasons. Additionally, your request will be denied if the school being sought does not contain the program necessary to meet your child's needs.
  4. You will receive emails from to notify you of the status of your order.  It is important you read those emails carefully as additional information may be required to process your request.

Important If you do not know your Zoned School of Attendance, please contact Gaston County Schools for additional information.


Information for Enrollment and Assignment:

This is an official enrollment packet. The information contained in this online enrollment packet should be considered private. 

Our office staff is pleased to serve parents wishing to enroll their child in Gaston County Schools. To enroll a student, you must be the biological parent or court-ordered guardian.

We are now completing enrollment documents online. This process will take approximately 20-25 minutes. To complete the online enrollment packet we will ask you to upload required documentation. Please gather all required documentation prior to starting the packet completion process. You will not be able to complete your enrollment packet without first uploading required documentation. You will need the following for EACH child you wish to enroll:

Required Documentation:

  1. Scanned copies of 'Proof of Age', 'Proof of Birthdate', 'Proof of Parentage' (ex. certiifed Birth Certificate)
  2. Scanned copies of Parent / Legal Guardian's 'Valid Photo ID' (ex. driver license, state identification, passport, or military ID)
  3. Scanned copies of TWO (2) proofs of current address received within the last 30 days to verify residence (ex. power bill, gas bill, water bill, cable bill, landline phone bill and / or lease, rent, or mortgage records).

    *If the parents(s) or court-ordered guardian reside with another person who is the homeowner/lessee, you will need to meet together (the parent and the homeowner) with the Student Assignment Office staff to complete a Residency Affidavit document. The homeowner / lessee will need to provide two proofs of address.

Please Note If this is your child's first time enrolling in a North Carolina Public School we will also require: Scanned copies of 'Immunization Record and Health assessment (completed on or after August 26, 2018) by a certified health care professional. Available Here' for first time enrollment in North Carolina public schools.

Please Note If your child was previously enrolled in another school district, we will also require: Withdrawal form from previous school (middle and high school). Withdrawal form from previous school (middle and high school)


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